Welcome to the Ohio Chapter’s mentorship program. If you are new to the arboriculture field or you want to explore career opportunities, we have members willing to share their experiences and help guide you through the process.

Topics that could be addressed during your meet-up include:

  • academics
  • professionalism
  • internships
  • common interests
  • career choices
  • your career history
  • current job responsibilities, etc. 

The mentor’s role is to be a window to the world of professional work and to help students and folks that are new to the industry gain confidence in exploring their interests and career choices.

Mentors are listed in alphabetic order based on their primary location. Select a city closest to you and click on “Schedule a Meeting”. Once we receive your request, your mentor will get in touch with you to schedule a time and location to meet.

Click here to learn more about Careers In Arboriculture.

None at this time.