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Dave Bienemann

David Bienemann serves as the municipal arborist/utility forester for the City of Hamilton, Ohio, responsible for planning, organizing, and directing all activities related to the acquisition, planting, and growing of trees on City properties and rights-of-way.  Coordinates and directs the utility line clearance program for the City’s Electric Division.
David previously served as the municipal arborist for the City of Bowling Green, Ohio, and the Manager of Forestry for Ohio Edison Company in Akron, Ohio.  He holds BS in Forestry from Iowa State University and a BS in Labor Economics from the University of Akron.  He has been an ISA member since 1993 and an ISA Certified Arborist since 2004.  David has been active in the Ohio Chapter ISA over 27 years.  Davie is currently the Ohio Chapter ISA Vice President.  He served on the Ohio Chapter ISA Board of Directors, the SMA Board of Directors and the Ohio UAA. He has completed multiple free public education seminars on trees and arboriculture since 2004.  David is a FAA Certified Remote Pilot to fly Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or Drone for Hamilton Utilities.

Internships are available each summer for two college students in the summer from May to August for 12 weeks in Hamilton, Ohio.

Career Choices – Utility & Urban Forestry.

David enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, travel, reading and spending time with his family.

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