Trees provide many benefits to people and the communities they live in. Proper long-term care is essential to maximizing those benefits. More and more communities are beginning to recognize the tangible benefits that trees provide in the urban environment. Healthy trees reduce air and noise pollution, provide energy-saving shade and cooling, furnish habitat for wildlife, increase property values, and are an important contributor to a community’s image, pride, and quality of life.

With the help of  Representative Niraj Antani (42nd District), the Ohio Chapter ISA is seeking the TREES 4 OHIO specialty license plate to enable us to underwrite more educational programs and support research that directly benefits Ohio trees. As defined in House Bill 474 introduced in the 132nd General Assembly, funds raised from this license plate program will be used to support education to both members and consumers.

Watch for the specialty plate to be offered at your BMV the next time you renew or buy new auto plates.

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