Ohio Chapter ISA members have the opportunity to be included in this online directory. This is a voluntary listing and may not include all the arborists in your area who hold an ISA credential. Consumers are encouraged to verify credentials, proof of insurance, and a current Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation certificate.  To verify an arborist’s ISA credentials, please use the Verify a Credential tool.

Three Reasons Why You Should Hire An ISA Certified Arborist

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ISA promotes the hiring of companies who employ ISA certified professionals. ISA Certified Arborists® are held to a Code of Ethics and are encouraged to follow industry standards. Certification demonstrates the individual has the knowledge to perform tree work correctly, but does not guarantee the quality of the work performed by that individual. If you feel someone has not provided proper tree care, you may report a code of ethics violation.

This online search directory is a voluntary listing and is strictly intended to serve as a method to locate ISA credential holders in order to secure tree care services. It is not intended to be used to market products or services to credential holders. Individuals who violate this restriction by using this directory to contact credential holders for unsolicited commercial purposes may be subject to legal action.