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Daniel Smith – Hartville, OH

Email: / Phone: (330) 554-7612

Daniel J. Smith, is an ISA Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) - ISA #OH-6673A who has specialized in helping homeowners and property managers in the NE Ohio area understand and manage their tree and shrub care needs for the past 15+ years.

Dan’s interest in trees started as a kid clearing brush on the family farm, learning to identify various trees with his father, and making maple syrup with the family for nearly 40 years.  “I love to talk with people about their trees,” Dan says; “Trees are fascinating and full of benefits for property owners and communities that care for them.” “The more I learn, the more I want to learn and share what I know with those interested in the growth, health, and proper maintenance of these living resources.”

Dan started professionally in tree service as a groundsman for the Lumberjack Complete Tree Service in 1999 literally “learning the ropes.” Between then and now he has gained experience and knowledge in a wide variety of tree-related aspects of the tree care industry including climbing, small business ownership, portable band-sawmill operation, lumber sales (including a course in lumber grading), plant health care (PHC) technician, sales arborist, and consulting arborist.

Additionally, Dan has been an ISA Certified Arborist with a Tree Risk Assessment Qualified designation since 2017 and has attended several tree conferences (ISA and TCIA), as well as ASCA academy for Consulting Arborists. Dan is a current member of the ISA and the Ohio Chapter ISA and has enjoyed serving on the marketing committee for the Ohio Chapter.

Dan currently works as an independent Consulting Arborist and owner of Treecision Arborcare. “My mission is to equip my clients by providing an independent professional resource of experience and expertise with candid assessment using various tools (Tree Risk Assessment, Tree Inventories, Condition Reports, Protection Planning and etc.) to make informed TREE-CISIONs with confidence.”

Dan is also available as a speaker and trainer with experience presenting to groups in various settings. His passion, knowledge, and concern for trees is self-evident and enjoyable. From open Q&A to specific topical interests Dan is available to impact your group positively. For a list of presentations or to discuss options contact Dan by phone, text, or email.

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