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Anna DeToro – Kent, OH

Email: / Phone: (330) 979-8891

Anna earned her undergraduate degree at Kent State University in horticulture technology majoring in urban forestry. She will earn her Masters’ of Plant Health Management with specializations in plant pathology and entomology in May 2018, continuing to earn her PhD in agriculture and education extension beginning the Summer of 2018 from The Ohio State University. Anna is an ISA certified arborist, tree risk assessment qualified (TRAQ) and is a commercial pesticide applicator for Ohio. 

Anna has a passion for arboricultural education, often volunteering to speak about arboricultural related topics at local garden clubs, girl scouts and boy scout events. This love for arboricultural education sparked interest in her current graduate thesis involving employing innovative education techniques for delivering arboricultural information to end users; and analyzing the efficiency of these techniques using arboricultural professionals as test subjects, in hopes to promote the arboricultural industry through accessible and more palatable forms of arboricultural education delivery techniques. 

She is employed at The Davey Tree Expert Company as an arboricultural researcher and coordinator of the bio-ecological laboratory. Her past roles include, plant and soil laboratory technician, greenhouse technician and research assistant. As alternative methods of plant health management become increasingly more desirable, Anna’s area of specialization is rapidly becoming central to horticulture practice. Her research performed at The Davey Expert Company and The Ohio State University deals with popular plant health management techniques which make her an experienced resource for questions about management of plants containing biotic and abiotic concerns. 

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