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Chad Clink – Cleveland, OH

Email: / Phone: (330) 760-1476

Chad has a passion for trees and providing high quality care towards their preservation. As a child and adolescent, working outside in the garden and long walks in the woods led to an interest in outdoor careers. As a student at Kent State University studying horticulture, Chad took arboriculture and urban forestry classes refining his career pathway to the tree care industry. Upon graduating from Kent State with an Associate and Bachelors’ degree in Horticulture, Chad worked across the country as an arborist and urban forester providing expertise to various communities. During this time, Chad was able to achieve the Board Certified Master Arborist (OH-6204BM) credential and complete his master’s degree from the University of Idaho in Natural Resource Management. His most recent accomplishment was becoming a Registered Consulting Arborist (#589) with the American Society of Consulting Arborists. Chad is also a Municipal Specialist and Tree Risk Assessment Qualified with the International Society of Arboriculture and a Licensed Commercial Applicator with the Ohio Department of Agriculture. He has enjoyed working as both an arborist and urban & community forester for 7 years in the industry, while giving back through education and outreach with the Ohio Chapter International Society of Arboriculture. You will find Chad hiking with his wife, son, and dogs in his free time – adding a new tree to the yard – or up a tree for a recreational climb. 

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